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Hone Tuwhare Trust.

The Hone Tuwhare Trust was established in 2010 with a simple goal—‘To inspire people through the preservation, promotion and celebration of Hone’s legacy.’ Currently, the main focus of the Trust is to fundraise towards the redevelopment of Hone’s crib at Kaka Point in the Catlins into a writer’s residency. These posters represent a key component of the fundraising effort; four limited edition posters by four New Zealand designers and typographers; myself, Catherine Griffiths, Sarah Maxey and Kris Sowersby, with each of us responding typographically to one of Hone’s poems.

The poem of Tuwhare's I chose to work with was 'Roads'. At the time, I had been playing around with this idea of the Southern Cross as a marker, both of identity and place. As New Zealanders, the Southern Cross represents who we are, and also where we are. Like many star configurations, it was long used as a navigational tool, connecting travellers to a wider understanding of where they are at any given time. When reading ‘Roads’ I was struck by the non-linear journey Tuwhare takes us on, one passage finds him lost, the next more self-aware, and so on. I used the Southern Cross in place of all letter ‘t’s in the poem, to accentuate the feeling of distorted clarity I read in the words.

Finally, here's the four posters. Catherine's is next to mine, then on the second row Kris's is on the left, and Sarah's is on the right.