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Matthew Galloway



I am an artist and designer living in Dunedin, New Zealand. My work is concerned with the potential for art to challenge the status-quo and present alternative paths. My practice uses the tools and methodologies of design to investigate issues of identity, understanding of place, and the political implications of both. Often beginning with a simple observation from the world around me, I create open-ended research projects with multiple outcomes.


Recent  Exhibition History

The Freedom of the Migrant (2018)
Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand
21 April – 13 August (Solo)

Provincia 53. Art, Territory & Decolonisation (2017)
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, Leon, Spain
17 September – 5 January (Group Show)

Melfas. Línea orgánica (2017)
Museo de arte contemporáneo del Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina
25 August – 30 November (Group Show)

This Time of Useful Consciousness (2017)
The Dowse Art Museum,
Wellington, NZ
14 April - 30 July (Group Show)

Beyond Exhausted (2016)
The Physics Room, Christchurch, NZ
17 November - 23 December (Solo, Front space)

Artifariti 2016/After the Future (2016)
Sahrawi Refugee Camps, Tindouf, Algeria
29 October - 12 November

National Contemporary Art Award (2016)
Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ
3 September - 4 December (Group Show)

Grammars (2016)
Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, NZ
3 September – 20 November (Group Show)

Beachhead’s PEACE OF MIND (2016)
Artspace, Auckland, NZ
5 May – 25 June (Group Show)

The Ground Swallows You (2016)
Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin, NZ
6 – 30 April (Solo)

Talente (2016)
International Crafts Fair, Munich, Germany
23 February 24 - 1 March 2016 (Group Show)

Community Service (2015)
North Projects, Christchurch, NZ
23 October - 14 November 2015 (Group Show)

Speaking Places: How to Work (2015)
Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, NZ
23 April – 15 May (Solo, with Ella Sutherland)

Tuwhare Poster Series (2015)
(With Catherine Griffiths, Sarah Maxey and Kris Sowersby)

Pay for the Printer
(2014) Triple Major, Shanghai, China
6 – 28 December (Group Show)

Topology/Metaphor (2014)
Pagework contribution to ISON FACADE publication (ed. Bryn Roberts)

Seeing Which Way the Wind Blows (2013)
Split/Fountain, Auckland, NZ
9 February – 2 March (Solo, with Ella Sutherland)

Public Good (2013)
Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, NZ
22 February - 22 March (Group show)

F&SS Distribution Centre (2012)
The Physics Room, Christchurch, NZ
24 August to 27 September (Group show)

This is an Invitation (2012)
Dog Park, Christchurch, NZ 
25 July – 14 August (Solo)