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Blaine Western & Michael Parr: company.

In late 2012, I was approached by Blaine Western and Michael Parr about a project they were working on at The Physics Room.  

They wanted to work with a designer to create a number of supplementary posters and other collateral to sit alongside their work. The concept of the work was simple—every day for 8 days, they would reimagine the space of the gallery by changing the configuration of the walls (the show came at a time when TPR was moving into a new space, so this was a response to the unfinished state of the space) Every night, once Blaine and Michael had finished reconfiguring the space, they would send me a title and short text about the new configuration, and then I would design a poster to be displayed on the street outside the gallery the next morning. These posters, alongside images of each configuration and a text by Henry Babbage, made up the content of the publication released at the end of the show. 

The posters employed the typeface I designed for The Physics Room to use in their posters while in their offsite location at Sandyford Street. It's an awkward typeface that has no curves, and that I never made into a working face, the letterforms only exist as vectored shapes on my computer. 

Being that the typeface was designed for temporary use while TPR was offsite, this project signaled the end of its use, and so I felt quite free to have some fun with it, and most posters show evidence of the letterforms being altered and distorted. 

The project ended with the gallery in it's final configuration, and the rest of the materials used in the project stacked on the floor of the space. I worked with the artists to design a simple display system using plan prints and the pre-existing wall structures.