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The Physics Room Journal.

At the end of every year, The Physics Room (a contemporary art space based in Christchurch, NZ) publishes a sort of Annual Report, focusing on the exhibitions and events from the year previous. In the past, this publication has been designed to a formula and asked to perform specific tasks, but with the 2013 iteration, the aim was to take a different approach with the content and design—to make it feel like more of a journal than a report.

The book is produced rather simply, perfect bound and digitally printed, with hardly any variation in stock... but the idea was to make it feel accesible and not too precious, more of a living document perhaps.

The Journal includes documentation and writing on all of the exhibitions, offsite projects and events from 2013, including work by Blaine Western & Michael Parr, Louise Menzies, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Karin Hofko, Kirstin Carlin & Emma Fitts, Kim Pieters, John Cousins, Gavin Hipkins, S/F with Xin Cheng, Blaine Western & Michael Parr, Janet Lilo, David Bennewith, Robert Hood, Amy Howden-Chapman, Anja Kirschner & David Panos, Kim Paton, Brent Harris, Louise Tu'u, Lieko Shiga, Ella Sutherland and Local Time with Nathan Pohio. Contributing writers include Henry Babbage, Will Pollard, Hamish Win, Chloe Geoghegan, Abby Cunnane, Melanie Oliver, James Hope, Sophie Davis, Henry Davidson, Nina Tonga, Zoe Crook, Laura Preston and Ashlin Raymond.

Edited by Melanie Oliver & Rebecca Boswell
Published by The Physics Room Trust