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Points of Departure.

Points of Departure is a journal loosely related to graphic design, which I designed and edited, then released through my publishing label o-s-x-x. Themed Effects of Remoteness/How to Travel, the publication primarily addresses the effects of remoteness on New Zealand, and the importance of distribution when you live on an island at the bottom of the world. It includes interviews with The National Grid, David Bennewith, Clouds, Kelvin Soh, Bruce Connew and Catherine Griffiths. It also has contributions from Ella Sutherland, Sebastian Warne, Dawn Marble, Index and myself. Alongside these contributions are three reproduced texts; all relating to the late Julian Dashper, whose work was often concerned with similar themes of distribution and travel.

I printed the publication myself on a Risograph MZ1070a, and took it to the 2012 New York Art Book Fair, as a result it's available for purchase at a number of small book stores around the world, or if you'd like to by a copy direct, email me. There are rough plans for a second issue of Points of Departure, with the idea being that each issue will relate to a specifc theme.