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Biker Wolf.

Head Full of Snakes is a motorbike magazine produced by designers Luke Wood (NZ) and Stuart Geddes (AUS). I don't ride motorbikes, and I don't really draw much anymore, but somehow I've been allowed to develop an ongoing series of 8-page comics for HFoS called Biker Wolf. The story focuses on a guy who turns into a werewolf when he rides is bike...    

The images above are from the latest issue of the magazine (#3) which you can buy here. The idea of the project is to try and replicate the look and general B-grade-ness of old horror comics, which is actually quite hard to do. 

It's a nice project to have around though, as it gets me out of my usual way of doing things, and it's slowly building into a larger body of work, which at some point might be collected into it's own little book? See images from #2 below, at this point I don't have pictures from #1 as I managed to give my copy away before getting a chance to photograph it!